Five Hot Services that Sells like Hot Cake on

There is no cool site like and it concept of $5 outsourcing service. The idea that you can buy or sell anything for $5, either within an hour or any time frame and get paid. Cool!!!!!

Hot and High Demanding services on

1. Proof Reading: now most people are into article marketing for whatever campaign they choose. So they want their write up to be error free.

2. Artistic Design: if you are good at designing logo, banner, card, sign post etc then you can key into this service and start to make money every day from it.

3. Facebook Like Page: most people are into Facebooking but don’t know it power in traffic generation. Only webmasters know this and will

paid you just to get the Like on it Facebook page

4. Create Video review of a product or website anything. The effect  of having a video review of a product like testimony shows how quality it is.

5. Submit Site to Search Engine Directories. All website or blog owners want to see their site rank high on search engine result page which will determine their traffic. They will paid you if you can get it done for them.

In conclusion, the list of services on is too board. I might write 101 eBook on it I would cover up.

From time to time, I will update on this topic the trending gig services to employed

Advise: Don’t try to do multi task services, just pick one or two services and work. You will be sure of making cool money daily on



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