How to Promote your Fiverr Gig and get Order

Image result for promote gigGig is the main thing in If you don’t have a Gig it like having a car that need gass to move but you didn’t put, can you drive such car? No.

Gig is essential for anyone success on fiverr. I’m talking about getting orders for your gig. In this post, I will highlight some ways to promote your gig

1. Social Networking:Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus etc

2. Place Ads online: Google AdWords, Bing etc

3. Comment on Blog site:especially the popular blog site

4. Join forum site: Such as Warrior forum, digit point etc and use their signature provision to promote your gig.

5. Blog about your gig: Use your blog site to promote your gig

Image result for promote gig

In conclusion, the need for promoting your gig is to get order for your gig service externally aside from internal promotion from fiverr.

To know how effective your gig is on search engine optimatization, type the words on search engine site like Google. If it not on top five result then you need to re-edit it.

In my next post, I will try to highlight the best way to create a selling gig. Keep in touch.


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